Here you will find frequently asked questions from coffee lovers who use Barista Clean at home.

Take a look, you're sure to find the answer to the question that's been bothering you.


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Why should I use Barista Clean at home?

Our device and cleaner together will be a before and after in your daily coffee brewing. You will rediscover its intense flavours and aromas, and you will be able to better perceive its nuances thanks to the fact that the inside of your coffee maker will be clean and free of germs, limescale, biofilms, etc. 

You will feel like a real barista at home!

Is Barista Clean environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is!

The cleaning liquid has a 100% plant-based formula, and the Barista Clean brush is made from highly durable recycled plastic and manufactured in three separate parts to reduce its environmental impact. When one part is damaged, you simply replace that part, not the entire device. This greatly reduces Barista's environmental impact. 

What makes Barista Clean different from other cleaners?

Barista is unique in the market; there is no other cleaner specifically for the coffee machine or even suitable for the steam wand. It is specifically formulated to remove biofilm and milk proteins from the steam wand without harming your health with harmful chemicals.

A necessary cleaner to ensure your establishment's coffee is delicious, healthy, and clean.

In addition, Barista Clean cleaning liquid can be used as a surface cleaner, and unlike other cleaners on the market, Barista Clean contains no harmful substances. Its formula is 100% plant-based and environmentally friendly, guaranteeing effective cleaning.

Barista Clean is committed to providing delicious, healthy, and clean coffee.

You'll notice the difference - switch to clean and healthy coffee with Barista Clean!

Cleaning and directions for use

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How many times a week should I use Barista Clean?

It is recommended to use the Barista Clea cleaning brush every time you use the steam wand of your coffee machine to prevent biofilm formation and the proliferation of germs on it.

In addition, you can use the Barista Clean cleaning liquid as a descaler by adding three pulses per 100ml of water to make the cleaning cycle. The amount of water and cleaning liquid will depend on the brand of the coffee machine and its size.

When should I change the cleaning solution?

Change it after every intensive session or whenever the liquid loses foam and viscosity. After cleaning the steam wand with the Barista Clean brush, remember to use the steamer a couple of times to clean the product residue.

Can I mix other cleaning products with the Barista Clean cleaner?

We do not recommend mixing different products at all, as we cannot ensure that traces of that other product will be properly removed from the steamer following our recommendations and instructions for use. 

Can I clean surfaces at home with Barista Clean cleaning solution?

Of course, you will also save time by looking for an efficient cleaner that´s suitable for more than one surface.

Does Barista Clean cleaning solution have any special storage and care methods?

Keep it in a cool, dry place and out of direct light.

Barista Clean Brush

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Can I use the Barista Clean brush on any type of coffee machine?

The device with the Barista Clean brush is suitable for all coffee machines with a steam wand. And the cleaning liquid is suitable for decalcifying and internally cleaning any coffee machine.

Will using the Barista Clean brush scratch/damage the steam wand and make my coffee machine look older?

No, it does not harm or scratch the steam wand. It is perfect for copper and stainless steel.

When should I replace parts of the Barista Clean brush? 

The device should be replaced if it doesn't rotate properly or if you notice that the brush is very worn or broken. Visit our website and contact us to solve your doubts and problems as quickly as possible.

Does the Barista Clean brush come with a guarantee?

Of course! 2 years full warranty. If you have any problem just contact us through the ¨Contact¨ section.


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How can I contact Barista Clean's team?

You can send an email to hello@baristaclean.co.nz. We will be happy to help you.


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How long does it take to receive the product?

Shipments to New Zealand will be delivered within 48-72 hours.

I am an individual, I have canceled/returned the purchase, when will I receive the money?

  • If the product has not left our warehouse you will have the amount of the product within 24/48 hours after canceling it.
  • If it has left our warehouse and is a return, we will first have to receive the return, verify its status and then we would issue the refund. This would take around 3 business days.

Is there a discount for purchasing Barista Clean on a recurring basis?

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