Revolutionizing Cleaning Practices

About Barista Clean

Barista Clean is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we clean. Led by Chef Stev, our team has tirelessly worked to raise cleaning standards in restaurants and cafes. However, we have encountered a persistent problem: traditional cleaning methods often leave us unsatisfied, with dirty cloths lingering in our kitchens and service areas.

In a simple observation of his favorite barista meticulously cleaning the coffee machine, surrounding bench, and steam wand with the same cloth, Chef Stev had a brilliant idea. He noticed the steam wand dipping into various liquids like dairy milk, oat milk, soy derivatives, water, and heated mixtures, all with a single cloth that often carried dirt, bacteria, and food particles.

Realizing the need for a specialized brush unit and cleaner, Chef Stev conceived the idea of Barista Clean. Now, in 2024, we proudly introduce the Barista Clean brush unit for steam wands, along with a specially formulated cleaner designed for all aspects of café machines, including essential functions like descaling and cleaning.

Welcome to a new era of cleanliness and efficiency in your favorite coffee spot!

Barista Clean products are tailored to meet your needs:

🦠 Powerful Germ Elimination.
Our specialized formula targets and eradicates 99% of germs, biofilms, and calcium deposits, ensuring a pristine coffee area and steam wand.

🧼 Safe and Effective Cleaning.
You can confidently warm various milk and plant-based beverages without any risk of contamination, thanks to our thorough cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.

♻️ Environmentally Conscious and Convenient.
Our eco-friendly products offer fast and easy cleaning solutions. With a natural, plant-based formula, a small amount of product goes a long way in cleaning your steam wand multiple times, promoting sustainability and ease of use.