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Why should I use Barista Clean if I have never used it before?

Times are changing and customers are becoming more and more demanding and hygiene conscious. In addition, customers are looking for a unique experience when enjoying their coffee, being able to savour its nuances and avoid the altered taste of milk.

The Barista Clean sanitising method will be able to give your premises the extra cleaning service that is so important nowadays, as well as improving your image and bringing more class to your premises.

What does this new method of cleaning and sanitising offer to my business?

By using the Barista Clean brush and cleaning solution, you offer you customers clean coffee, free from impurities, microorganisms, and traces of different types of milk. The customer will taste the different nuances in the coffee.

You will be able to differentiate your coffee from that of your competitors.

Does the cleaning solution transfer to the coffee, and does it change the taste of the milk or plant milk?

No, you can rest assured that your customers will not notice anything, in fact, you ensure that you do not mix any milk or beverages. 

Activate the steam wand twice after cleaning to ensure that all traces of product are removed. This way, there will not be any traces in the coffee, and its flavour will remain intact.

But do not worry if you forget to activate the steam wand; the cleaner is 100% plant-based, and the amount used is non-toxic.

How many coffees can I make with 1 container of Barista Clean?

Approximately 4800 coffees. Each time you refill the cleaning brush, it can be used to clean 60 times. It lasts very long, so the cost per coffee is almost negligible.

How do I explain to my customers that I use Barista Clean and the coffee is clean and safe?

Barista Clean will provide your establishment with 2 distinctives: 

1. A distinctive seal of use, so that you can attach it to the window or door of your business and customers can scan the QR and see all the information related to this new cleaning method. 

2. Hanging labels for your cups with the message and a QR with information about Barista Clean, where they can find out how the product works and the benefits of the coffee they consume. 

With Barista Clean your customers will consume 100% clean coffee thanks to its unique vegetable formula.

Cleaning and directions for use

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When should I use the Barista Clean device? 

With every coffee, every time you change the milks you use and after downtime. Remember to use the steam wand a couple of times to remove the Barista Clean residue after cleaning.

This will ensure that the coffee you make is impeccable and very tasty.

When should I change the cleaning solution?

Change it after every intensive session or whenever the cleanser loses foam and viscosity.

What happens if I forget to activate the vaporiser after cleaning with Barista Clean?

Don't worry if you forget to activate the steamer, the cleaner is 100% plant based and the amount used is non-toxic.

Can I mix other cleaning products with Barista Clean?

We do not recommend mixing different products at all, as we cannot ensure that traces of that product will be properly removed from the steamer following our recommendations and instructions for use.

Should baristas throw away the cloth they have used so far?

No, they should use it to disinfect the coffee area with Barista Clean sanitising liquid.

Our aim is to ensure that the coffee you make is exquisite in all areas, in taste, cleanliness, and the relationship with your customer. And that is why the cloth will only be used to clean the coffee area and the Barista Clean brush, to clean the steam wand.

Can I use a cleaning product other than Barista Clean on the cleaning brush?

We do not recommend this as the cleaner would not be specific for milk steamer and this could interfere with the operation of the coffee machine and the taste of the milk or vegetable drink used.

Does using the Barista Clean brush scratch/damage the steamer and will it make my coffee machine look older?

No, it does not damage or scratch the steam wand. It is perfect for copper and stainless-steel steamers.

How often should I change the brush, does it damage the bristles, how many uses does it have?

If necessary, the brush will be replaced by the distributor free of charge in case of damage.

The bristles will have minimal wear over the years, so in most cases no replacement will be necessary.

Is the Barista Clean cleaner solution suitable for other surfaces in the coffee area and tables?

Of course! Our formula is suitable for other surfaces, with Barista Clean you can keep the entire coffee area clean and free of dirt. This makes it a much more practical product for the business, it is a product that has everything a barista needs.

Does the Barista Clean cleaning solution have any special storage and care methods?

Just keep it in a cool, dry place without direct light.


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How can I contact Barista Clean's team?

You can send an email to hello@baristaclean.co.nz. We will be happy to help you.


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How long does it take to receive the product?

Shipments to New Zealand will be delivered within 48-72 hours.

Is there a recurring purchase plan and do I get a discount if I buy Barista Clean for my entire chain of coffee shops?

It is negotiable, you should contact us.

I am a coffee shop, I have cancelled my purchase, when will I get my money back?

When the return arrives at our warehouse and we verify that it is in good condition, we will refund the amount paid.